Dr. Julian Pollicina (Chiropractor) is a qualified chiropractor, a member of the Chiropractic Australian Association, a member of Sports Chiropractic Australia and is Workcover approved. Dr Pollicina has completed both his Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic degrees at Macquarie University. He is now the owner and founder of CMC Chiropractic.

Dr. Pollicina (Chiropractor) started CMC Chiropractic in 2018 and his great passion for chiropractic care, and your health, shines through in everything he does. Being located within Concord Medical Centre, you will be offering not only the best care, but also have access to other healthcare professionals all under one roof. Should you need to be referred to another practitioner, or would simply like more information on a certain issue, you will be looked after.

Dr. Julian Pollicina Chiropractor

Owner and Founder CMC Chiropractic

  • Sports Chiropractor
  • Workcover Approved
  • Variety of Techniques


“Coming from a sporting background of soccer and swimming I have always taken a keen interest in how the body moves and functions. I have had ongoing chiropractic care throughout my life in order to optimise my ability to perform and stay healthy.”

About Our Service.

Our Approach

Every injury in the body has a different cause meaning we need to tackle the problem using its required approach. Hence, I use a wide variety of techniques including: chiropractic, dry needling, cupping technique, soft tissue massage, joint manipulation, rehabilitation exercises and most recently high power laser technique and shockwave therapy. This combination of tools along with the most recent medical research allows your treatments to be thorough and effective when restoring mobility, increasing strength and reducing pain.

Your Experience

Both CMC Chiropractic and Concord Medical Centre strive on putting you first. Our professional, friendly and caring staff aim to provide wholistic healthcare solutions that cater to the needs of all individuals.

You will benefit from the close association between the needs of the individuals and the community, and the professional services of doctors and staff. Feel relaxed in our modern, spacious facilities with a waiting area, children’s play area and music to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Achieve Your Health Goals!

Let’s work together to achieve your health and fitness goals. Together, with chiropractic, I’ll teach you about your body and will aim to address the underlying cause of your health complaint. I’ll also provide my best recommendations.

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